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Slight pattern hacking on this Cashmerette Montrose top – added a ruffle to the overbust. I cut a strip 9cm wide and 100cm long, folded it in half, pressed it, and gathered it where I’d split the front. I like it. Might do it again!

I made a ton of Montrose tops when I re-started sewing, but this was the first time making it since a significant size change. I sewed a 14 E/F graded to a 16 at the waist and hips, with the standard sleeve. I moved the bust dart up an inch; that’s standard for me with Cashmerette. I’m not sure whether I have a higher-than-average bust or whether it’s just that I’m so danged short, but either way, moving the dart always works out well for me.

I do find the sleeves a bit slim for my liking – love the elbow length, though – but I think the full bicep sleeves might be a bit loose. I may make a 1″ width adjustment to the standard next time, putting the measurement right in the middle of that and the full.

The fabric is a cotton I found at a shop aimed at quilting, and I was surprised to find a big print amongst all the small ones. I guess it must not have sold well because it was on the discount shelf, but I snagged a couple of metres along with some lemonade-print cotton that’s going to become a Hinterland.

Just for the record, Made for Mermaids’ beanie pattern takes about ten minutes, cutting included. I used scraps of my fish-on-bicycles jersey because delightfully weird prints still amuse me. Going to do an insect-print one next.

I kind of ended up going on a bit of ramble in my Instagram post about the beanie, because I had been reading a post – on Insta – about dos and don’ts for selfies and/or photos of handmade garments. It kind of hit a nerve because I’ve read a lot of posts lately about photography saying to ‘never’ use flash for selfies and/or garment posts and like… no. You can use flash. You just need to know how to use flash. Sometimes your equipment will be limiting – most phone cameras will give you much better results in natural light – but sometimes it’s just a question of knowing what to do with it. I might make a post in the future on some of my own tips on getting decent photos.

Definitely not going to give any advice on posing, though, because as you can see I generally suck at that. Face the camera! Pretend to smile! Put hand on hip or somewhere else! Yikes.

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