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I might have been a little more sewing-obsessed than usual today and managed to turn out three makes.

First, I tried a new-to-me pattern company with the Fern top from Pattern Scout. I love that it takes so little fabric – Version B’s sizes 14-30 take just 1.6 metres of 115 cm wide. As drafted it’s definitely on the shorter side, though, so have extra fabric on hand if you want more length.

I was hoping that the cotton batik I decided to use would soften up, but it remained pretty stiff despite a pre-wash and a trip through the dryer. If it had been thicker that would’ve been a problem, but it’s so thin that it worked out regardless.

There’s 10 pieces for Version B (12 for version A) – four for each of the front and back, and two for the facing – but it still came together super-quickly, or at least it felt that way. I sewed a straight size 20 and am contemplating blending up a size for the hips next time because it does feel a bit slim. It’s cute, though, and wearable. I’d love to make a striped version like the sample photo on the website’s pattern page, and play around with the stripe direction.

Second, a random fact about me: I love ladybugs. I even have a ladybug tattoo, although thanks to a screw-up at the time of tattooing I’m having it covered up with Parker’s pawprint sometime in the near future. So! I love this fabric. Not just the print, but that it’s cozy and warm, too.

It’s also not the recommended fabric, but a cardigan in this style works fine in 2-way 30% stretch. I cut the sleeve cuffs and hem band a little longer to account for that, then shortened the sleeves by 4cm and away I went. It needs pressing – the bands and front will lie flatter when I do – but it’s cold af here today so I needed (yes, needed) to wear it immediately.

Pattern is Ellie and Mac’s Chapman cardigan, curvy fit. I sewed an XXL, after both looking over the size chart and measuring the pattern pieces, because E&M patterns don’t include finished measurements. Rawr.

Please, designers, list finished measurements. Some of us have bodies that need that information to help with choosing a size.

Third, another new-to-me pattern company in the form of a Hemlock tee by Grainline Studios. Once in a while I do like a relaxed fit top, and this fit the bill. I sewed an 18 in the crop length – I’m slowly getting over my fear of shorter tops, I guess. And what a fast sew! I mean, it’s basically front, back, sleeves, and neckband, so it’s a great last-minute or palate-cleansing project. Nice blank canvas for colour-blocking, too.

I like that there’s still shaping to the sleeve cap and armscye, and that there’s a very slight bit of shaping to the side seams. Still has the box tee vibe but it’s not made of literal rectangles.

Fabric is a medium-weight cotton/lycra jersey from Funky Monkey Fabrics – a favourite Canadian online shop! Tons of quality woven cottons, plus knits and flannel and fleece and so on. Service is great, too.

It’s past midnight and I should be getting to bed, but the tailbone is hurting like crazy and I can’t seem to get comfortable for more than a few minutes. I’d really hoped that it would heal quickly and let me get back to normal life, but so far that hasn’t been the case.

Catch-All Finished! Handmade Sewing

Not even three weeks into the year and I’m already into the double digits with my makes. Can you tell I’m a bit of a sewing addict? I’ve been lucky so far, too – all but one of my sews I’ve really liked.

And this cardigan is no exception. It’s the Be Mine from Ellie and Mac. The recommended fabric is 50% 4-way stretch, but this cozy brushed sweater knit worked great despite having zero vertical stretch. I had a hard time, when I bought the fabric, deciding between two colours of the same print – the other was grey/black, and I’m so glad I went for the purple/black because I really do need more purple in my life (and my wardrobe).

I sewed a straight XXL with minimal alterations. I took an inch off the sleeve length, and cut the skirt length (and the front bands) exactly between the lines for the bolero and the regular versions. I love patterns that don’t need a ton of complicated changes, and this is one I’ll be making again and again. Next time I think I’ll try the boho skirt length – it’s down to my calves! Perfect for wearing with leggings and still keeping warm in the winter.

I used just over a metre and a half for this cardigan, so that leaves me about 1.4 metres for something else. Three metres has become my ‘default’ purchase quantity when I haven’t entirely decided what I’m making, and so far it’s been flexible enough for me to sew what I want and have decent, useable scraps.

Catch-All Finished! Handmade Sewing