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A second post for the day, this time with the most ridiculous item of clothing I’ve ever sewn myself. Hot pink with cats in sunglasses and flower crowns? Ridiculous. But also: perfect. I really do love this. I found the fabric at the local shop and there was no way it wasn’t coming home with me.

Pattern is Style Arc Hope, modified slightly. It’s funny, because the line drawing for the pattern didn’t impress me much. I thought, though, that if I shortened the sleeves to above the elbow and the skirt to knee-length that it had the potential to be cute, and I think I was right.

I sewed a size 16, which is sized down from what the pattern recommends because I’m not a fan of overly generous ease. The fit is just right, for me, so I’ll stick with that for a while.

I should probably make another one of these in a less… eye-catching print. Something a little softer, because it’s a really nice shape. Not sure if I want to dive into that right away, though, or make something else. Honestly, I’m having a very hard time deciding on projects lately – I just want to make everything and sew all the time. Time to win the lottery, I guess.

Off to flip through patterns. Maybe something will spark.

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