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January has always been a difficult month for me. It’s long, it’s dark, and every single brain gremlin I’ve ever had seems to pick this time of year to come out and play. I have both depression and anxiety, and I don’t hide that. I manage them with a combination of medication and cognitive behavioural therapy, but there are ups and downs, some more extreme than others.

So I thought, this weekend, that I’d sew something bright and cheerful to raise my mood – and you know, it kinda worked. First I get the satisfaction of making something and having it turn out well, and second I get to look at this yellow-and-hot-pink cotton and let it make me smile.

My first Hinterland was sleeveless; I like the cap sleeved version just as well, I think. I removed 3cm from the front bodice just under the bust dart then copied the adjustment to the back. I also made a fakest-of-the-fake placket: I cut the front bodice on the fold, then cut a 5cm-wide strip of fabric, pressed the edges under, and topstitched it down the center before sewing the buttons on.

Might make a full-front actual functional placket next time. Hmm. Either way, this dress makes me happy, and that’s all I really ask from sewing.

Catch-All Finished! Handmade Sewing

Make #4 for 2021 – a sleeveless Hinterland dress. This is another one I’ve been meaning to make for ages, and in this case, I even had the fabric pre-washed and ready to go. For, er, a while now. But! Now it’s done. It was a quick and easy sew with few alterations. Fabric is quilting cotton because of course it is.

I took an inch off the bodice above the bust dart (a standard adjustment for me) but the dart is tilted as-drafted and therefore ended up a bit too high. I’ll take off an inch below the dart next time.

The button placket is fake, and not in the usual buttons-sewn-through-both-plackets way. I cheated by cutting the bodice on the fold, then folding the edges under on an extra strip of fabric and topstitching it in place. Adding the placket was a last-minute decision after the dress was mostly complete, and I didn’t love the idea of unpicking half my work to add a functional one. Next time, maybe.

Discovered that my stitch-in-the-ditch foot is excellent for 1/8″-from-edge topstitching if I align the needle to the left instead of the centre. I just got the foot a few days ago, along with an adjustable hem foot, a zipper foot, and an invisible zipper foot. I’m slowly collecting little bits and pieces to make my sewing life easier.

Finished! Handmade Sewing

I got so caught up on Instagram with Me Made May that I forgot to blog six (6!!!) new makes. Clockwise from top left: a Cashmerette Springfield, two Love Notions Vivace Dolmans, an airplane-print Sew Liberated Estuary skirt, and two Cashmerette Websters. A couple of those patterns – the Vivace and the Webster – are new to me, and both were easy sews. Er, mostly. Attaching the collar on the Vivace may possibly have given me fits, both times, and it doesn’t lie quite as nicely as it should.

Thoughts on Me Made May: I sometimes get into a rut of wearing the same things over and over, and this challenge allowed me to put some thought into it and reach for the makes that I might not wear as often as I’d like. I don’t have enough handmade bottoms to make it through a month of only handmades, but I did have enough tops and dresses to not have to repeat anything – and I still have a few makes I didn’t wear during May.

I’ll definitely do it again. I’ll try to take better photos next time – my facial expressions on half of the photos were just this side of stormy.

In other news, I adopted a kitten from the rescue I volunteer with. Meet Reynir:

He’s so cute I can hardly stand it.

Catch-All Finished! Fur for Brains Handmade Sewing

… for a fish skirt!

A friend gave me this cotton months ago, expecting that I might make a shower curtain or something similar out of it. But me being, well, me, I made a second Estuary instead.

We had quite a decent heavy snowfall going on, so I chose to stay in on New Year’s Eve and sew, instead. I worked on the skirt for a few hours then left the button-sewing for the morning, because ugh, button-sewing. I’m not a fan of sewing by hand, unfortunately, and my buttons never end up as perfect as I want them to be.

I had a bit of trouble with the skirt this time around but that was absolutely my own fault – somehow ended up sewing the wrong sides of things together more than once. Oops. That’s what happens, I guess, when I sew while distracted.

I went with the inseam pocket option this time, and I like it a lot because it’s attached at both the top and sides so the pockets don’t sag.

The fabric has a bit more body than the cotton I used for the last so it puffs out more around the waist and hem. It’s a big, ridiculous print and I love it to bits, honestly. I’ll probably wear it to work tomorrow.

Finished! Handmade Sewing

Estuary skirt! Still having problems with indoor photos, but don’t focus on that, focus on how cute the skirt is. I’m so pleased with it – my body isn’t the easiest to fit skirts to, and often they end up looking just ‘meh’ rather than how I’d like them to. This one, though, is as close to ideal as I’ve ever gotten, and I feel like I’m going to wear it rather than having it sit in my closet like other aborted skirt attempts.

Pleased with the pattern, too. Instructions are clear, and some of the small details help avoid certain small pitfalls that can lead to a garment looking homemade rather than handmade. Like the pockets! The patch pockets are double-layer, and the instructions have you trim 1/8″ from the lining before easing the two layers together, which makes the seam pull slightly to the inside and hides it perfectly when you sew the pockets on.

I was sure I’d have to shorten the skirt, especially since it’s meant to be a midi and I’m so short, but because I wear it above my natural waist I didn’t have to shorten it at all. It ended up a great length all on its own.

I’ll definitely be making this one again. I’d like to make Sew Liberated’s Hinterland dress, too, but it doesn’t have as expanded of a size range as the Estuary skirt so I’d have to grade up. Aaand we all know how I feel about that. I do have their Matcha top pattern, but I don’t anticipate having to grade because it’s a loose, flowy silhouette and my issue is waist/hips where sizing is concerned.

Finished! Handmade Sewing