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This dress? I love. It’s By Hand London’s Anna dress in its new-ish D-cup extended-sizing block, and it’s already on my TNT radar after just one make. I shortened the bodice by two inches and the skirt by six; the bodice is perfect but the skirt is not quite long enough for my liking, so next time I’ll only shorten it by three. Other than the hem length I’m making precisely zero changes the next time this graces my cutting table. And it will grace it again. And again. And probably again. I love finding patterns I want to make in all the fabrics.

And! Because I’m so short and the cross-grain is my friend, I needed just under two metres of 115 cm wide fabric to make this. Next time the longer skirt will probably push it to just over two metres but I am absolutely fine with that.

Turns out the invisible zipper was not necessary – I can pull this on and off over my head without unzipping. So that’s a bit of work I’ll probably omit next time, because why zipper if you don’t have to?

So one week post coccyx fracture and I’ve figured out how to set up my chair and pillows so I can sew rather than just being a lump on the sofa. I can’t do marathon sessions, but I can sew for decent periods of time as long as I take adequate breaks and keep up with my painkillers.

On a side note, I’m contemplating closing my blog. It’s a monthly expense I’m not sure about, really – my view stats are so low it seems almost like pointless work to keep going, and aside from that I often forget to update it when I make new things. Does anyone even read it? Does anyone want it to stick around? Not sure. Opinions?

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