Well. I have two new Montrose tops, a new pair of pajamas, and a new Fringe blouse, and I can show none of them to you because my computer fried itself during an unexpected power outage last week. The repairs aren’t quite in the budget yet so it’ll be a while before I can pick it up from the shop. I’m less than pleased, but I do have a phone, a Kindle, and my sewing machines… it’s not like I’ll go nuts without it.

Photos and Photos

New feature – Post Galleries! Sometimes it’s nice to just be able to see photos gathered in one place rather than having to scroll through categories and/or tags. I’ve added a few of my favourite (not necessarily best, but favourite) photos from my previous space to start things off but from here on it’ll be a collection of all the photos I post in entries.

here’s to opening and upward,to leaf and to sap

Starting off with a bit of e.e. cummings, this time.

Who am I? My About page says it best: I’m just another Atlantic Canadian with a camera, a pile of knitting needles, a couple of sewing machines, and a herd of cats. I work in healthcare by day and spend most of my evenings with fur and fabric and yarn and lenses and speedlights. This isn’t my first blog, but I’m starting from scratch because sticking to a single topic never seems to work for me.

I’m kind of a nerd. I’m definitely a geek. I’m plus-sized and body positive. I have chronic (mental) illness and sometimes blog about it. I’m mostly self-taught on all fronts and I will make mistakes, but I’m learning how to laugh at them and move on.

It’s a process. And so is this space.