Month: October 2019

… and you know what that means.

For a number of reasons, mostly health-related, I’ve decided that playing by the rules – i.e. writing at least 50,000 words in November – is out of my reach this particular year. Instead, I’ve set a goal that should be enough of a challenge without being unattainable. I won’t end up with a novella, but I will, if it works out as planned, be able to continue a series of short stories.

Lots of sewing plans in November, too, so I’m going to have to manage my time well (and that includes time for adequate rest and self-care). I have some red corduroy that wants to be a Sienna Maker jacket. I don’t have the replacement buttonhole foot for my machine yet – the one that was included with it seems to have been lost when I moved – but given that buttonholes will be one of the last steps I can certainly get started.

There’s also an Esma top that’s lingering with only a couple of seams left to sew. I want to make another Pembroke, too, out of purple hedgehog-print jersey from l’oiseau fabrics (awesome shop – highly recommended). And I’ve also had an Everyday dress cut out for literal months and still haven’t sewn it – it keeps getting pushed to the side in favour of other projects.

But right now, I need sleep. And tea. Possibly not in that order.

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I have several new patterns waiting to be assembled and cut and sewn, and what do I do? I make another Fringe blouse. It’s been staring at me half-done for… well, a while, but this week I managed to get it finished a few minutes at a time. It’s not my best work, but it’s cute and wearable. I love the feathers, but I’m not sure about the scale of the print now that I see it sewn up – I think something a bit bigger and a little more random would have been best.

Excuse the substandard indoor headless photo, but I’m low on spoons today so it’s the best I could manage. This week has been rough, but I said enough about that last entry.

I have a cut of pink-and-grey floral cotton that’s going to become the Esma top I mentioned yesterday, but I’m not sure yet whether I have the energy to both assemble the pattern and cut the fabric tonight. I’ll get it started, at least, and go from there.

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So this happened a few days ago. On my machine, there’s a metal ring that keeps the connector for the foot pedal secured to the back of the machine; last week it fell off, and the connector dropped back inside the machine where I couldn’t reach it or plug the foot pedal into it. We do have a local (so-called) repair shop, but they’re also a dealer and only service machines bought from them.

So that left me on my own. Opening up the machine was super nerve-wracking – what if I budged something out of place that screwed the tension or something? – and the parts I needed to get at were behind the whole computer assembly thing so I had to unscrew a lot of components and move them aside. It worked, though! I got things connected, put the machine back together, and it’s been purring along like I never touched it.

I’m not eager to do it again, but at least now I know I can if I need to.

I haven’t been particularly productive, lately, in the sewing or writing or reading departments, but then, this time of year is always difficult for me. The past three winters have each resulted in a health crash and several months off work, and I don’t want this year to be number four. In the past I’ve been very guilty of pushing myself along while ignoring warning signs and symptoms, but I’m doing my best to avoid that now and in the future.

Case in point: things have been heading downhill the past few weeks, so I went to my doctor and am off work this week while we adjust some medications and try to get things back on the right track. I’d rather it be a week now than months later, so. To be honest I probably need more than a week – two would be ideal – but my financial situation won’t allow for that so I’m doing the best I can with what I’m able to take.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to finish one of my in-progress projects: a feather-print Fringe blouse. I think I might hack the pattern into an a-line swing top, but first, I think next in line will be an Esma top from Blank Slate Patterns. The version with the hem band tie, because I’ve been looking for a top like that but all the RTW ones I can find don’t fit properly.

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