Alive, Mostly.

Not a lot of sewing going on around here at the moment – I’m laid up with a virus from hell plus sinus, throat, and ear infections. It’s all starting to clear up but oof, when my immune system goes down for the count (which it does not do often) it really goes down.

I’m not someone who can generally just sit and watch TV without doing anything else at all, but I spent a number of days over the past two weeks doing just that. I mostly rewatched favourite things, like Good Omens (… more than once), a bunch of Marvel films, Yuri On Ice, Law & Order: SVU, and various Star Treks.

The one productive (if you can call it that) thing I managed to do was… er, make my cats an Instagram of their own.

Follow them at fur.for.brains for furry funtimes, I guess. They’re nerds but they’re excellent nerds.